Winter Services

Roof Shoveling and Snow Removal

We offer snow removal for your roof, driveway, walkways, paths, doggy areas, and anywhere else you want snow removed. 

We use a snowblower and shovel for removing snow from the driveway. If you are scared of plow trucks or have a tight driveway, give us a call! 

Did you know?

We remove all snow that falls from the roof in traffic areas.

We can make your paths safe again!

Ice Dam Removal

Ice can be a problem in Alaska...

Well that was an understatement, Spit Shine usually removes ice from roofs but we can remove ice anywhere you want it gone. Don't let ice be a risk to you, your loved ones, or your home!

Did you know?

We then lay down salt to keep the walkway safe after we remove the ice.

We remove ice safely by using the only recommended method from American Pressure Inc.

The ARCTIC STEAMER is a machine that heats up water to 290 degrees to create steam that is 100% safe for your roof! We are one of the few companies in Alaska to safely operate an Arctic Steamer. 

How do we remove Ice dams? With the Arctic Steamer.

Did you know?

Many companies use axes, chisels, and hammers to remove ice on your roof!

Christmas Lights

Do you want your house to shine?

Do you want your lights to be in a perfectly straight line?

Do you want lights that will last 10 years or more?

We use commercial grade lights that are brighter and richer in color than normal store-bought lights. Another benefit of our lights is with normal use, these lights will last you for many years to come.

We can guarantee your lights will be perfectly straight and uniform. With our custom cut lights and extension cords, we will design a lighting display that is sure to make your house exciting to come home too.

Did you know?

 With our commercial grade lights, the entire strand won't go out if one light goes out.

Now that's bright!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

I think we found the problem...

If your dryer is taking forever to dry clothes, you may need a dryer vent cleaning. Believe it or not, if you don't have your vent cleaned regularly you could be at risk for a house fire.


Don't be satisfied with wet clothes after an hour of dry time! We charge a flat rate of $100.

We catch the lint!

Winter Services FAQ

Why are ice dams bad?

Ice Dams prevent water from running off the roof like normal. Instead the water backs up and can get under the roof surface causing leaks. Ice Dams are also very heavy and tear off parts of your gutter system!

Do you offer free estimates?

The only service we do not offer free estimates for is ice dam removal. Generally, we will need to remove the snow to see how big the ice dam is.

How much does all this cost? 

We charge $250/hour for Ice removal. That may seem like a lot but we are actually below the normal standard for using an Arctic steamer. Check out ice dam steaming prices HERE Imagine if you needed to replace your roof due to someone swinging an axe at the ice on your roof... 

Ice Dams are dangerous!