Window Washing

Our Process

We actually have 2 processes...

1. Old school

This is exactly what you would expect: scrubber, squeegee, rags, window scraper, and lots of ladder work. We highly recommend this process for houses that don't get regular window washing. 

2. New School 

Water Fed Pole (WFP) System: this equipment and technique has not been around as long as the old school method but is very effective on windows that are regularly cleaned. The windows will still be wet when we leave just like a car wash. Your windows will have a spot free dry due to the Pure Water system.

We prefer to use our WFP system because we do not need to be on ladders to clean your windows, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

2 Week No Spot Guarantee

Water Fed Pole

What is the Water Fed Pole system or WFP?

Great question! The water fed pole system is a pure water system that delivers 100% pure water through a hose, into a pole, and then out of a brush head that scrubs the windows.

This water has a 0 TDS or close to it and will not leave streaks which takes away the need for chemicals or soaps.

WFP is much faster than the old method, which means you save money!


*Great if you need just the exteriors done

Exteriors only

Only exteriors washed

Frames and sills wiped down

Screens bushed and replaced

*2 week no spot guranteee

In and Out

Interior and Exterior washed

Frames and sills wiped down

Screens brushed and replaced

*2 Week no spot guarantee


Exterior and interior washed

Frames and sills wiped down

Screens washed with soap

*2 week no spot guarantee

*30 day touch up

*Great if you need interior and exteriors done

*Great if you are selling your house

Window Washing FAQ

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

We recommend three times a summer to ensure your property looks great. We also offer service plans that take the worry of having to call every time.

What kind of soap do you use?

We use biodegradable products that are perfectly safe for the environment and your pets. Hopefully we can use the WFP so we don't even need to use any!


What if I don't like the job you did?

There are many factors that affect window washing. Occasionally we may miss a few spots or maybe a window.  Just let us know and we will come back ASAP to touch anything up on us. 

Do you guys clean skylights?

Yes! But make sure to let us know you have one or we may miss it.

What if I have a sunroom?

We clean sunrooms. We will need to do an on-site estimate to make sure we give you the right price.


What if it rains right after the washing?

We will come back on us and touch up any windows you would like done within two weeks. If it is raining cats and dogs, then we usually wait until the rain storm has passed.