Exterior Cleaning


We use a process called Soft Washing. Soft Washing is a low pressure application of soaps designed to kill moss, lichen, algae, bacteria, viruses and mold. This process will keep your house clean 4-6x longer than water alone.

We apply a solution with bleach, degreasers, surfactants, and water to effectively clean almost any surface.

Once the product has dwelled for the appropriate time, we then use a low pressure rinse to remove the staining/debris from the surface.

If you're worried about bleach on your property we use a heavily diluted bleach that will not harm anything around your property. If there is any risk to your property then we will take the necessary actions to keep your property safe.

Did you know?

Soft Washing is the alternative to pressure washing.

Our solution will break down bug nests, webs, as well as sanitize your entire property.

*Applying the soap

*Low pressure rinse

House Wash

If you are looking to sell your home, maintain it, or just want your house to look like new,  then house washing is for you. 

Our process removes the most common stains. There are other stains such as rust, artillery fungus, oil and grease, and adhesives that sometimes require a different soap to be applied. An estimator should let you know what to expect and will give you the option to select the additional removal options.

Did you know?

Having your house washed regularly keeps algae, mold, and other harmful substances off of your house.

 Deck Washing

Before you replace your old deck, let us take a look and see if we can restore it and save you some $$.

Trex is the only deck that may not come 100% clean. The  protectant material and design causes stains to stick much harder and longer. We are more than happy to discount the service accordingly if you are not satisfied.

Did you know?

Getting a deck replaced can be as much as $10000 on an average home.

Retaining walls, Concrete, Driveways, Fences and More!

We can help make your property shine again! 

Exterior Cleaning FAQ

Do I need to prepare before your arrival?

Yes! We will need your windows closed and vehicles moved away from the house, depending on what we are washing. 

Do you offer discounts for cleaning multiple surfaces?

Yes! As well as offering package deals to suit your specific needs.

When to pressure wash vs. soft wash? 

We pressure wash hard and indestructible surfaces like brick and concrete. 

We soft wash delicate surfaces such as vinyl and wood. 

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