Gutter Cleaning

Our Process

We always tie off and make sure any vehicles or furniture are out of the way. Once on the roof, we hand scoop the debris from the gutters into buckets. We empty the debris into trash bags and haul it away for you. 

We then rinse any remaining debris down the downspout with a garden hose, also checking for clogs and blockages during the process. 


Finally, we make sure to rinse off the outside of the gutter and clean up any debris from the downspout outlet.

45 Day Clean Gutter Guarantee!

We use fall protection as per OSHA requirements 

Automatic Service Plans


Year to Year service

10% Off

1 cleaning per year


3 year service

15% Off

2 cleanings per year

*60 Day guarantee


5 year service

20% Off

3 cleanings per year

*Leak proof guarantee

*Gutter season guarantee

Wouldn't life be great if all problems were solved automatically?

Well... we don't offer that but we do offer the solution to a gutter cleaning problem.


Let us take care of your gutter system for the same price, on the same date, and with the same great service every year.

Gutter Repairs and Maintenance

Whether your gutter fell off, you have leaks, your downspout is broken, or you're not sure what the problem is Spit Shine can quickly diagnose the situation and provide the solution.

5 Year Warranty On All Caulking

Tired of running into your downspout doing yard work?

Zip Hinges are a great solution!

Downspout repair?

Need custom work? All it needs is some paint!

Gutter Wash

Do you have stripes or other stains down the face of the gutter?

Do you want a boost to your curb appeal?


We offer gutter washing if the answer to either of those questions was yes!

-Bio-Degradable soap is applied

-Surface agitation

-Low pressure rinse

Gutter Makeover

Do you want to know without a doubt your system is optimized and working?

If your gutters are in disarray, then this is a great package to make

sure your home is properly protected.

If you're buying a home and not quite sure what the previous owners did, let us come and make sure you have one less problem to deal with.

If you're selling your house, then add some curb appeal while helping the environment by making sure water is going to the right places with a gutter makeover.

With a gutter makeover you get our 7 Point inspection with a PDF that includes the following

Before and after pictures

Fasteners replaced as needed

Leaks sealed

5 year leak proof guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Gutter Cleaning FAQ

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

We recommend 1-3x per year depending on the property. If you have a lot of trees, wind, etc. around then that would be when you might need 3x per year.

How do I know if my gutters need to be cleaned?

  • When you have water coming over the top of the gutter 

  • If water is barely coming out of the downspout during heavy rain

  • If you see water coming out of the elbows on the downspout

  • Finally, if there are plants coming out of the rain gutter

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer 10% off for veterans, seniors, single parents, military, and any medical staff.

Have more questions?

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