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Service Plan

 For us, the customer experience is everything.

We’ve raised our standards for snow and ice removal, and we are excited to share our new service plan with you.


It's time to start getting MORE for your HARD-EARNED dollars by taking a preventative stance when it comes to the maintenance of the critical structures of your home.

We do a better job - With a Satisfaction Guarantee   

If you’ve ever had to have an ice dam removed, you know it isn’t cheap. 

The cost of ice dam removal, however, is nowhere near the cost of a roof repair, replacement, home interior water damage, or electrical issues.

Did you know that water damage restoration can cost up to $5000 on average, that doesn't even include fixing your roof! 

We knew we needed to create a service plan that catered to the prevention of these costly and damaging inconveniences of Alaskan winters.

A service plan for clients that value prevention..

but also one that wouldn't break the bank...

an arrow pointing to ice dam prevention for your greatest investment

So, we came up with the Ice Dam Prevention Plan 

Our Ice Dam Prevention Plan will allow us to do the work to prevent ice dams for our clients at a reasonable rate as opposed to damage control when the ice dam has already formed.  

For a rate of $150 a month plus $3/puck our experts come inspect your roof twice a month, shovel any identified problem areas, and strategically place ice dam prevention pucks which keep meltwater runoff flowing. 

All of this with the added luxury of peace of mind. 

this arrow points to why people should remove ice as from their roof before water damag can happen


How many pucks do you use per roof?

The number of pucks we use really depends on the roof, but you can plan on 20-30 pucks. Example $150 + 30 pucks = $240/month.


Prices are subject to change based on how big or steep the roof is or how many areas you need done. The prices above reflect a normal situation with 1 or 2 spots that need maintenance. As always, a quote is best to determine accurate pricing, but we always keep our customers in-the-know and are highly transparent & upfront with our pricing.

What are the contract details ? i.e. Am I able to cancel the service anytime?

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied or feel that you no longer need the plan, we offer same day cancellation with no prior notice.

Why are ice dams so bad?

Ice dams prevent water from going down and off the roof which causes water to build up and seep under loose shingles and go into your house causing water damage. Ice dams can also wear out the shingles prematurely as well as create major icicles that are a serious hazard!