Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

At Spit Shine we start out cleaning the gutters by hand and then spray the remaining debris out of the gutter leaving practically no mess.  Any mess left behind will be cleaned up.  We also haul away all debris from the gutter so you don't have to worry about it.  Our goal is make it look like we were never there.  Maybe it isn't cleaning you need, but a repair job. Spit Shine can FIX any gutter or downspout!  We will even adjust your entire gutter to make sure it is draining like it should.

Downspout Cleaning & Installation

If your gutters are not working properly, typically, the issue runs in the downspout, although sometimes the house can shift and a gutter needs to be adjusted.  Sometimes another downspout needs to be installed, whatever the problem is we can fix it.

Roof Cleaning/
Moss Removal

Moss, lichen, and algae is not something to be taken lightly. These types of organic growth will shorten the life of your roof.  We use low pressure to safely treat the roof with chemicals that are proved effective. Once treated the moss will fall off on its own over time leaving your roof looking great.  If you need the moss gone faster than after 90 days we can safely rinse the roof clean from moss.

Gutter Maintenance/
Caulking & Resealing  

If you're tired of having to worry about your gutters then let us worry about it for you.  We offer service contracts, once you sign up you will never have to call again for your gutters to be serviced.  We take care of everything and we even have plans with free leak protection included making sure your gutter system is always great!

Leaf Screen Installation

Leaf screens can be good and they can also be bad.  Our screens keep the leaves and twigs out but the birch seed, and spruce needles, and other small debris can make its way past the screen.  Any thicker of screen might keep the water out!  Screens are on a case by case basis so a technician will make a recommendation when on-site.

Roof Anchors
House & Window 

We use low pressure to disperse our soap and then rinse with low pressure water to leave your house looking great. We wash siding, gutters, decks, fences, driveways, sidewalks, and more.

Window cleaning is a very detail-oriented task and should be treated with the utmost care.  We use natural products that will not eat away the frame or damage the window.

Spit Shine is a big believer in using roof anchors.  This type of anchorage system sounds a lot worse than it is and is the safest most efficient way of tying off, when on a roof.  We have a no risk way of installing these anchors to make servicing your home at heights a safe process.  The type of anchor we use is called a hitch clip and it is installed underneath a shingle and then roof patch is applied to seal it up and make sure there is no chance of water/moisture getting in there.


Roof Snow Removal

Spit Shine offers snow removal for roofs, sidewalks, decks, etc. Any place you want snow gone, we will take care of it. We shovel the snow off the desired location to a safe zone, then snowblow out of the way if necessary. We use fall-protection on steeper roofs. We are most concerned with the safety of your roof, home and our employees. 

Ice Dam Removal

Spit Shine offers ice dam removal for roofs, gutters, downspouts and any other problem areas. We use an arctic steamer to gently cut through the ice and melt it away using high temperatures and low pressure. Steam is much more effective at removing ice than rock salt because it can quickly melt through thicker ice sheets. It is safer than a pressure washer or any ice chipping methods because the low psi cannot damage shingles or gutters. We can be the solution to your ice problems. 

Christmas Lights

Spit Shine offers Christmas lighting installation.  We can plan, design, and make your house shine in time for Christmas. Let us deal with the hassle while you enjoy the holiday season! 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Spit Shine offers dryer vent cleaning.  This reduces the risk of a house fire and increases the efficiency of your dryer- saving you money in the long run!

Snow Blowing

Spit Shine offers snow blowing for your driveways, sidewalks, etc. We use our snow blower to ensure the safety of your driveway and home. These smaller machines are much easier to handle than large trucks. If you have a tight, small driveway, then give us a try!