• Billy Forsyth

Roof shoveling and Snow Removal

We love snow removal here at Spit Shine. Seriously though, all the guys cannot wait for snow season. As I sit writing this, I am right next to the window marveling at how much snow and ice dams we have already. If this year continues this way, then we are in for an extra snowy year. This would be a good year to get your roof on a service plan to make sure your home is protected.

Roof shoveling is the hardest service to tie off for, we normally rely on roof anchors we install during the summer. In the wintertime that is not an option so we use trees, the truck, or chimneys. A good idea would be to let us install a permanent anchor during the summer, so we always have something to tie off to if you are on a service plan with regular visits.

We shovel roofs, paths, walkways, stairs, and wherever else you want snow cleared. We use snow blowers and shovels for the snow removal work we do. We do not use plows for a few reasons:

1. We like to make clean lines and want every part of your property to look great.

2. We have heard some horror stories of plows breaking down and ruining a company’s entire season.

3. There are plenty of companies who plow, and we think there are not enough ones that shovel and do exactly what you want.

Our contracts are for 2” of snow. If it snows at least 2” then you can expect us to come by and remove the snow. Our price covers up to 6”, but after that we charge anywhere from 10%- 30% extra depending on how much snow. We use a percentage over a flat rate because every job is priced differently. We also brush off vehicles and shovel under and around as best we can. During a snowstorm lasting for days or weeks, we come out once every 24 hours to remove the snow to make it manageable for you and for our techs. Although our prices are a little higher than typical plowing, it is worth it. We are more thorough and careful than a plow can be. Average cost for a driveway is anywhere from $45 to $75 depending on how big the driveway is.

We also offer roof shoveling contracts. We shovel once you have at least 6” of snow on the roof. Roof shoveling contracts are good to help keep ice dams from getting too large as well as keeping weight off the roof. If you have a normal roof that’s not prone to leaking or has a normal weight capacity, then we recommend getting your roof shoveled at about 2’ or more. Trust your gut if you are nervous about how much snow is on your roof. When we do roof snow removal, we also remove all extra snow that dropped onto decks, the driveway, and anywhere else that’s a walkway or access point to your property. We usually charge $75/hour per guy and the price drops $5/hour every guy after 2 to a minimum of $50/hour per guy. Our minimum for all roof-shoveling jobs is $200.

We only offer our driveway snow removal in Anchorage. However, we can’t offer driveway clearing services for properties in Potter’s Valley because the dangerous, long driveways. We feel a plow is safer and more efficient up there. We do offer roof shoveling in Potter’s Valley.

Snow removal in Anchorage is a big deal. We know it’s something everyone thinks about. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on our essential winter services! Happy Holidays!

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