• Billy Forsyth

Save your gutters!

One of the most effective options we offer is a service contract. What this entails is any service we offer on an annual basis for 1-3 times per year. Whether it’s gutter cleaning, moss treatment, window washing or any of our other services we offer, is up to you. Regular gutter cleaning is important (see why in our FAQ), as is keeping the moss off the roof. Likewise, your windows will last longer if you keep them cleaned. Anytime you’re going to sell your house, generally the buyer will not want to see dirty gutters, a moss-covered roof, or dirty windows. As well as it being important for selling, you also want to make sure your house is in good shape, so you don’t have problems. By setting up a service contract you can avoid a lot of these issues. When you are on a gutter service contract, we inspect your gutters every time we clean them, noting or fixing the issues right then so you don’t have problems in the future. Rain gutters are hard to check yourself; most of the time you can’t just go up on you roof and check them out like you can a yard or siding on your house. Taking care of the moss is important because it will make sure you get the most out of your roof. Nobody wants to replace a roof. Taking care of your windows will insure you can get see out of them! On a more serious note, it will insure they stay healthy and while we are cleaning, we can inspect the frames for rot or damage, or the windows for new cracks. I highly recommend regular washing of the siding because it will prevent mold and algae from growing on it, which helps extend the life of your siding as well as looks great. Let’s face it we all have family that’s hard to get to visit up here and when they do, we want our house to look great so they will come back! The best thing about these plans is you no longer have to call us or worry about it, you get put into our automatic schedule and we take care of your house and you also get a discount on all of our services.

"Make your gutters great!"

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