• Billy Forsyth

Selling your home?

1. Curb Appeal starts online, which means you need some great pictures. Make sure you have proper lighting. Overcast days are best to take pictures on as the sun isn’t providing too much light. Get rid of bikes on the porch, platters stacked on the fridge, etc.

2. Think like a buyer! Walk around the home and look at every room and every space, is this appealing? Are their dirty spots on the wall? Does the trim look old or broken? What about the floors? Check your siding, windows, doors, drive up to your house from all directions and be super critical.

3. Check your roof, if you’re not comfortable getting up their then hire a good roofing company to walk the roof as well as inspect, to make sure it is good to go. From the ground check for streaks, algae, moss, and missing shingles. A great roof adds tons of curb appeal to a house.

4. Make sure address numbers are clean and shiny. If you have numbers anywhere on the house make sure to clean them, replace missing numbers and make sure they can easily be seen. Also make sure the type of numbers goes with the house.

5. Get a second opinion. Often times we get used to things we see every day and need another perspective to help see things we miss. Ask a friend or family member if they would buy this place, why? Or why not?

6. Pressure Clean. If you don’t own a pressure washer you can rent one pretty cheap. Clean any surface that looks dirty outside, wipe down window frames that you can reach, and make sure the walk to the front door looks great!

7. Do you have plants? Do they look good and healthy? Or do they look old and dead? Make sure you spruce up your plants or consider getting some new ones to add that earthy/natural feel.

8. Open up for business. Make sure your blinds are up and windows are open when having someone view the house. Houses that are nice and bright on the inside are sure to put people in a mood for buying.

9. Lighten up. Consider getting some solar lights and putting them in your landscape, they are inexpensive and easy to install. It’s important to highlight your homes best attributes.

10. Paint. Consider getting some paint and making that front door look brand new, of course you will want to paint any window frames or shutters close by. You could get a new mail box, a new porch light fixture, or even a welcome mat.

These are just 10 simple things you can do if you have a tight budget or just want to get a good start on getting ready to sell your home.

"Make your gutters great!"

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