• Billy Forsyth

Shine rewards!

As I write this, we are in the midst of a pandemic known as Covid-19. I write not because whoever is reading this isn’t aware but so every time, I look back at this I will remember.

We have designed a great program called Shine rewards. This is essentially a referral rewards system that helps clients earn some extra money for telling people about us. You can earn up to $160 cash and $150 in gift cards. This program is meant to give back to our city as well as help us grow and was designed amidst the corona virus pandemic. We thought we could grow our business and give back at the same time thus promoting a giving environment right away. At first I wanted to wait until we were bigger to start giving back and then decided we should practice how we want to play. We were blessed because our service can still be done despite quarantine and is deemed essential. I eventually want to have a vacation give away and not some gimmick but, everything is truly paid for. We won a contest for a vacation one time, and with our kids and everything the prize wouldn’t even really save us that much money if any at all, due to so many fine prints. After signing up for the Shine rewards program you will receive a card magnet with the rewards and terms on it, that you can place on your fridge or anywhere that's metal. The only terms are your referral must hire us to perform a service. For now, the money will either be transferred, or a sanitized check will be sent out to you. We keep your punch card in the office and every time you get a reward a text goes out to inform you, your reward is on the way. Thanks for reading!

Billy Forsyth

Spit Shine Gutter Cleaning, LLC

"Make your gutters great!"

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