• Billy Forsyth

The Heart of Spit Shine

Let me start by saying what my heart isn’t. My vision for Spit Shine isn’t to be some huge company making millions of dollars and to be all around the country. My goal is to be a company you can trust to do quality work. To provide the service you paid for but, also exceed all of your expectations. We strive to be on time for every appointment we set, from the estimate to the job, down to when I say I will call you back to discuss something. We want to have great communication skills so you know exactly what is happening and when. To me every single client is important, the $75 dollar job is just as important as the $5000 dollar job. Being on time is so hugely important to me, in every aspect of my life really. Anyways, our value of customer service stands out and I want it to be an area that keeps growing. I want to be the company that listens to the customer whether its compliments of complaints. We do get complaints occasionally, and we are quick to fix it in whatever way makes the customer satisfied. I don’t care about making every last dollar I can (of course I care about making money) I care more about the customer being satisfied with an excellent job well done in every aspect. Some companies provide great service and honestly have terrible customer service, some companies have ok service and great customer service, etc… We want to be a company that does It great in all aspects. If that means going to school and studying business, if it means reading books (which I do), if it means calling companies down south and finding out how they do it, then that’s what I will do. I will do whatever it takes to become an excellent company. I feel, in this day and age that trust is hard to come by and reliability is even harder to come by so I feel if we can master those things, we will be well on our way to becoming excellent. Creating culture is definitely a challenge for me but, it’s something I am working to create so every person who works here will produce these values. I also want my team to be able to trust me and rely on me and know that their boss cares about them, which they know all of these values because we spend lots of time going over these things. I try to motivate and encourage them to work as unto something greater than ourselves. I love our company, and I look forward to getting out of bed to work during the day. Some days it gets old, and your tired of working 10-12-hour days 6 days in a row and you just want to sleep in on Saturday. Most days though we all love doing what we do, and we enjoy working together. I think there is a lot of fulfillment in building a company on strong core values and being a place that provides excellent service. You know that you’re not some shady company and that your boss cares about you and wants you to succeed. You feel immense levels of satisfaction in knowing you did a great job and that the client is very happy and says, “We will definitely use you guys again!” I just love it when people are excited to hire us and when we arrive, they come out of the house and greet us and ask, “Do you need anything from me?” Which we reply, “Just money when we’re done!” That always gets a laugh from people. Which leads me to my next point which is humor, humor is also a very important thing to me. I don’t ever want to take this too seriously, and what I mean by that is you have to laugh at yourself sometimes. We’re experts sure, but sometimes we make some dumb mistakes (nothing serious) like forgetting a hose in Chugiak or leaving a caulk gun on a roof. I think in some ways that’s good because it reminds people, we may be a great company but, we are still very human. One time we took the homeowner’s hose, lucky he was a cool guy and laughed about it and we brought it back of course. Sometimes I think people forget the company is made up of people and they expect us to be perfect. I would say I expect perfection in our effort, but not in our achievement. Does anyone ever really do a perfect job at anything? If so, I don’t think I can say I have ever done anything perfectly. Back to humor though, I always encourage my guys to be funny and silly when it’s appropriate of course, when your hanging on a self-rappelling device hanging over the edge of the roof it might not be the best time. We really have some good times in the office at the end of the day. We all come in and talk about the day; frustrations, hard jobs, ideas, strategy, but most important we laugh about the day and get loud and rowdy. Sometimes I have to tell them to go home! I think that’s a good problem to have though. In conclusion I just want this company to be excellent and to serve Anchorage with the highest quality possible. Anyways thanks for reading and comment below what you think makes a great company!

"Make your gutters great!"

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