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The Who?

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The hardest thing running a business for me is finding the right people to work here. I don't know if this has always been an issue for business owners all through time or what. I've found that having the right people in the right place, really makes or breaks a business. I honestly have no idea where to find them and it's a hard thing to know where to start. Although, I have found some awesome dudes by accident really. There's so many job seeker sites now, it almost makes it harder. It's like we're shopping for people. At the store when you go for an item and there's 50 of the same type, your like "uh...which one?" It feels the same with looking for an employee. I wish people came with ingredient labels haha.. it would be so much easier- "This person comes with a good work ethic". Over time as people "buy the product", in theory, the less bought ones would either cycle out or change the ingredients they are offering. The only way of hiring that I have found thus far is doing my best to weed through a few "great applicants" and just trying them out and seeing what happens. However, this is harder to do when you deal with homeowners and their biggest investment, the house. I do train my team for weeks before they go on-site but even then, they are on their best behavior. It usually takes a couple weeks to see someones true colors. My goal is to hire great people who really add to our team and vision but I also want to give people a second chance. I want to be that company that gives people the opportunity to make something better for themselves. Obviously, I'm not going to hire a drug dealer (knowingly) but, shouldn't we give people a chance if they ask for it. Growth is a scary thing in a business (at least for me) and it can't effectively happen without effective people. I don't care who you are and what business you have, if you hire the wrong people, the business will grow the wrong way. Spit Shine is after people who want to grow as individuals as well as and helping our business grow into excellency. Anyways, thanks for reading! This was my first blog post I have ever written and I actually liked writing it, so hopefully it wasn't terrible. Comment below if you have any tips/stories involving your experiences with the hiring process!

"Make your gutters great!" (and no this isn't an I support Trump thing, we have had this quote for 10 years.)






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